Working together is liberating if you are…


* Beginning a new phase of life or considering starting anew

* Moving through change and could benefit from a supportive anchor

* Highly sensitive and could benefit from a more nurturing approach to

moving through life

* Ready to lovingly liberate yourself from whatever has held you back

* Lost and don’t know where to start

*Challenged by decision making

*Challenged by parenting

*Ready for love



When you’re first setting out on the journey of creating a new life for yourself, unconditional love and support is essential to pioneering your way forward in your own time and at your own pace.


During the process of change, it’s all too easy to go round and round in circles, oftentimes wasting precious energy, time and other resources, trying to figure it all out. I’ve been there, more than once or twice, I know this process all too well.


Whether you’ve had change forced upon you, you’re smack bang in the midst of it or you’re in a rut and want things to change, having the opportunity to share your feelings, not to mention the myriad of thoughts that are racing around in your head, can be extremely helpful in reaching a point of clarity around where to start and how to decide on the next best step.


♥ ♥


Do you have someone in your life who has an unwavering belief in you? Someone who will lovingly support you through the ups and downs of change? Someone who will encourage you and cheer you on, unconditionally, all the way til your new life has emerged? Someone who opens doorways to a life you’ll love living?


This is where I come in… I am completely in love with the sacred space of working one-one with women through the process of birthing themselves and their lives anew. To witness a woman come to life!!! YES! YES! YES!


Magic happens in that safe space of deep sharing. I am constantly in awe of the insights that show up during a session, shifting things so swiftly, efficiently and lovingly. By the end of a session, simple and practical strategies emerge that can be implemented straight away. And when we have the opportunity to work together over a period of time, well, that level of continuity is transformational.


♥ ♥ ♥


No matter where you are in your life right now and what direction you’d like to move toward, I intend to see you make the most of what you have, right now. I will see you harness all of your inner resources to experience more love and everyday happiness both now AND whilst on the way to the life you are creating. There will be no more putting off happiness ‘until’ or ‘when’.



Cocoon Of Love


In this time,
We can
Between worlds,
Between feelings,
Between lives.
We can


© Toni Armstrong




“My natural gift is to recognise your unique self and your unique gifts, ‘listening and feeling’ for ways to bring together the seemingly disconnected and/or abandoned aspects of you, to inspire you to awaken to yourself and to give birth to your new life! I will help you to navigate the gap between the ideal and the real, the place where life can be lived and loved YOUR WAY, daily!

 My work is about nurturing and nourishing you to ‘be your own unique, multifaceted self’. I’m going to shine a light on the best of who you are… and inspire you to take action on living a life you love, right now!

 I am bursting with the joy of life and I am wildly enthusiastic at the prospect of helping you discover yours!”


This is my ‘Liberation Of Love’!


I am highly sensitive and have a finely attuned ability to ‘hear’ through deeply present listening. It is through the use of these natural abilities that I am able to listen for the keys to unlocking your potential to live your own creatively inspired and meaningful life. I create a sacred space to support and nourish what is emerging for you. Through our creative exploration and the insights gained, together we identify your next best steps forward. You will feel inspired and have gained some practical ideas and tools for living a happier, more satisfying life. No waiting! You will be living more of a life you love NOW!




When you work with me, you can expect… to be recognised for who you are; recognised for your unique gifts and talents; have your challenges transformed; to know your next step; to be on track; to be happier; to light up like a 1000WT light… AT LEAST!!!

 And you’ll probably be surprised & delighted by … how much fun you’ll have and how simple your next step will be.

 My work matters because … it positively and creatively transforms lives quickly!!!

 And I am here to remind you that … YES!!! You CAN!!! In your OWN TIME, in your OWN WAY, at your OWN PACE!!! Live more JOYFULLY and LOVINGLY than ever before!!!





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LISTEN & LOVE ~ 2-3hrs ~ $170

LIBERATION OF LOVE ~ 6mths ~ $1700

WOMEN OF WANDERLUST ~ 12mths ~ $2700

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*All sessions are offered in person or via Skype

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Toni Armstrong

BA Pysch, PGDIP Psych



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