Sacred 7 Astrology


The Universe has so much to share with us!

Are we open to the opportunity

to be one with its intelligence

as our new life unfurls within?

Are we tuning in,

finally willing to believe

we are enough

for our lives to expand

in ways we’ve only imagined?

Are we willing to be receptive?

And are we willing to do the work?



                 Birth Chart Astrology* ~ 2hrs ~ $170

                        (the sacred 7 soul map of you ~ in depth)


                 Birth Chart Astrology* ~ 1hr ~ $120

                        (sacred 7 soul map ~ taste-tester or follow-up)


                 Yearly Transits* ~ 1hr ~ $120

                        (your ‘energetic weather’ for 12 months)


                 Birth Chart Astrology & Yearly Transits* ~ 3hrs ~ $240

                        (sacred 7 soul map ~ in depth & transits ~ $50 saving)


                 Monthly Transits ~ email ~ $45

                        (1 month of your ‘energetic weather’ ~ your choice of date)


                 Liberating the Astrologer in You! *~ beginner’s series ~ 10hrs ~ $270

                        (email now to register interest)


                 Sacred 7 Soul Journey* ~ 12mths ~ 12 one-one sessions & more ~ $2700

                        (includes beginner’s series when paid upfront ~ email for more info)




 *Goddess Rising* ~ focusing on the Goddess energy in your chart

*Wondrous Woman* ~ liberating love in your life

*Wondrous Work* ~ identifying and nurturing your gifts & purpose

*Wondrous Child* ~ nurturing your child’s potential

(examples of a specific focus during a session, feel free to make a request)


Gift Certificates available


*All sessions are offered in person, by phone or via Skype

For More Info & For Bookings ~ email Toni


Toni Armstrong

BA Pysch, PGDIP Psych







image ~ anastasia durasova