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Liberation of Love

When You Inherit 10 Boxes of Astrology Books

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‘When you inherit ten boxes of some of the highest quality astrology texts in the world from a woman you never knew and you’ll never meet!’


We all question our direction at times…


And then there are those signs that say, “Keep going, you’re on your unique pathway!”


Some signs come as subtle hints and others are more like shoves off a cliff where there’s no turning back!!! I just got a shove off the cliff!! Another one!! I’m learning to love the freefall…!!!


In early December ’17, I received a message out of the blue from a beautiful woman who had just lost her Grandmother. She told me her Grandmother had been an astrologer for 30yrs and traveled the world learning her art. She wondered if I’d be interested in any of her books as her Grandmother would have wanted them to go to someone who would deeply appreciate them and put them to good use.


How did she find me? Two years prior, I randomly joined a ‘buy and sell books’ group and put a single post in the group asking if anyone had any astrology books? Two years prior!!!


Late the next afternoon, I set off on the 45min drive to see if I was interested in any of the books. I arrived around 5pm to have a ‘quick look’ and ended up leaving 5.5hrs later after listening to life histories and sorting through 20 boxes of magic books on a myriad of fascinating topics – 10 boxes of astrology books and 10 boxes of ‘other’.


That night I had to leave the books behind and figure out how I was going to move them as there were too many to fit into my car. And then… life happened… almost 2mths passed by amongst frustrated (fated) attempts to organise the transportation of the books from her home to me.


And then… on Jan 31st, the Leo lunar eclipse day (a highly significant day for me in relation to my own astrology chart), an opportunity spontaneously opened up for me to pick them up!


Divine timing is impeccable!!!


Now I can put to rest the crazy thoughts I’d been having about returning to uni to uplevel my psychology degree to a Masters. I have my higher degree to get right here in amongst all these astrology text books and the experiences I’ll have as a result!!!


I am deeply grateful to Mel for randomly finding me in a ‘buy and sell books’ group, to her Grandmother, Merrill, who will be guiding me for some time to come from another dimension and through her book collection, and to Claire Voyant for also reflecting to me that this is my ongoing pathway to a higher degree and for helping me to collect my new text books. I think they’re going to keep me busy for quite a few semesters to come!!!



Remember to value ALL the little things you do in the pursuit of your passion, purpose, happiness… *insert your own word here*… like joining a random ‘buy and sell books’ group!!!



© Toni Armstrong

BA Pysch, PGDIP Psych





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Star Crossed

Eclipse - Syzygia - Elena Klementeva

Betwixt the seagoat’s cycle

but a moment in time

the lovers meet

for the 20th’s rhyme

Judgements abound

in this strangely set scene

where only the two

know the moment’s fair mean

There the realization dawns

of the harshest reality

where we are, we be

there’s no luscious immortality


Yet still, with nothing held back

we aim for the moon

to bathe within the milky way,

of the silken star’s cocoon


For there the lovers remain,

star crossed between

the heavens, Venus and Mars,

felt… but never likely seen



© Toni Armstrong

BA Pysch, PGDIP Psych





image ~ elena klementeva

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Lioness of Illumination


Alchemical dreaming

forging treasures

as Gaia… we’re destined…

to bring forth her pleasures


as kundalini she curls

within the root of life’s tree

ready to unfurl

as Fibonacci sees


her constant beauty

her golden mean

third eye of the light

sleep-wake to see


in her hands she holds her inner light’s key

to secrets her sacred soul retrieves

in journeying through circadian rhythm

eternal life sprouts as the golden leaves


and as she pines her way

through her geo-center

she envisions new life…

our ever courageous mentor


something new awakening

seeking to begin

through the silent

a process of her germination


as she silently seeds our newest creations

seek not to awaken

our Lioness of Illumination


no, not now…

not prematurely,

for now she remains simply… sleeping beautifully


© Toni Armstrong

BA Pysch, PGDIP Psych




image ~ kindra nikole

**’Lioness of Illumination’ was inspired by my recent trip to Costa Rica to participate as a co-creator at Kaypacha Lescher’s ‘Astrology Rising: Co-Creating The Future’ conference, Flamingo Beach Resort, Guanacaste, May 6th – 13th, celebrating the shift of the North Node of the Moon into Leo.



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Sacred 7 ~ a future astrologer is born

Toni at 7

That’s me… on the right,

future astrologer, just turned 7


In 1971, for my 7th birthday, my Papa (maternal grandfather) gave me a study desk and and the latest edition of ‘The International Webster New Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language & Library of Useful Knowledge‘… what a title!!! I especially love the part of the title that states ‘& Library of Useful Knowledge’.

As it turned out, the sections that made up the ‘& Library of Useful Knowledge’ were rather enlightening to me as a young child. Two sections were of particular interest me, ‘Astrology in the Life of Man’ and the section that directly followed, ‘A Modern Guide to Sex Education’.

Reading ‘A Modern Guide to Sex Education‘ (and let me tell you, it was ‘modern’ even on today’s standards) was likely a highly influential factor in achieving the highest mark in a Year 8 Sex Education test when I was just 13. I will share its other influences some other time.

Astrology in the Life of Man‘ however was the section that has had the greatest influence on my life. I was fascinated by it and returned to read it time and time again throughout my childhood and adolescence. That section piqued a lifetime of curiosity for me about people and their behaviour.

About a decade later, heavily pregnant with my second daughter, Destiny… and just 11 days before she was born, I had my first astrological chart drawn up by a woman who told me that astrology was something she could see me doing. She also told me to ‘get my foundation first’. At the time, I didn’t know exactly what that meant however I ended up returning to uni within 2yrs and set off on a 10yr journey of studying psychology, all the while, immersing myself in my own private study of astrology.

It’s a rare day over the past 24yrs that I’ve not consulted my ephemeris to get a feel for the energetic weather. And those who know me well would tell you that words of astrological wisdom are so often a part of our conversations.  So, in acknowledging that I ‘had my foundation’, I decided to expand my astrological proficiency, and after many years of prompting and encouragement I began to read charts professionally.

So, the book that was once almost heavier than me has done it’s job to enlighten me. That book sparked a lifelong interest in people and enabled me to awaken to the evolutionary journey of not only my own life but also to the unfolding paths of everyone I have the honour of working with through our heavenly connections.

And my question, “Who gives a 7yr old a 3.5kg dictionary (yep, I weighed it) and a desk for their birthday?”, is answered… a sacred soul with a heavenly connection. Thank you, Papa, I’m so deeply grateful for your most precious gift of words.

Could there be an old and long forgotten book that holds the precious secrets of you? What if, within its pages, an opportunity awaits you? Would you look?

Astrology in the Life of Man

Toni Armstrong

BA Pysch, PGDIP Psych



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image ~ hornby island peace work

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