Alchemical dreaming

forging treasures

as Gaia… we’re destined…

to bring forth her pleasures


as kundalini she curls

within the root of life’s tree

ready to unfurl

as Fibonacci sees


her constant beauty

her golden mean

third eye of the light

sleep-wake to see


in her hands she holds her inner light’s key

to secrets her sacred soul retrieves

in journeying through circadian rhythm

eternal life sprouts as the golden leaves


and as she pines her way

through her geo-center

she envisions new life…

our ever courageous mentor


something new awakening

seeking to begin

through the silent

a process of her germination


as she silently seeds our newest creations

seek not to awaken

our Lioness of Illumination


no, not now…

not prematurely,

for now she remains simply… sleeping beautifully


© Toni Armstrong

BA Pysch, PGDIP Psych




image ~ kindra nikole

**’Lioness of Illumination’ was inspired by my recent trip to Costa Rica to participate as a co-creator at Kaypacha Lescher’s ‘Astrology Rising: Co-Creating The Future’ conference, Flamingo Beach Resort, Guanacaste, May 6th – 13th, celebrating the shift of the North Node of the Moon into Leo.



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